10 things to do at Fjäderholmarna – Stockholm’s closest archipelago island



If you are in Stockholm and want to visit the archipelago but don’t have much time, this is the perfect day trip for you!

Fjäderholmarna is one of the 30.000 islands from the archipelago that you can actually visit in one day. It is only 25 minutes by boat from the city and you can experience the Swedish culture in just one place.

Fjäderholmarna (The bay islands) consists of 4 islands: Stora Fjäderholmen, Ängsholmen, Libertas och Rövarns holme, but Stora Fjäderholmen is where the boat will take you.

There are several companies that can take you there. You can buy the tickets online at Strömma to avoid the line in the ticket kiosk and go directly to the dock to get onboard. If you are hungry you can buy snacks and drinks onboard too.

Fjäderholmarna is a small island but has a lot to offer. Here you have 10 things you can do in this lovely place. We have listed them in a way that you can follow the path through the island (you can decide to do it however you want, of course!).


Fjaderholmarna map
Fjaderholmarna map (Image from: http://www.fjaderholmarna.se/)



 1. Visit Allmogebåtar, the museum of traditional boats.

Once you arrive to the island and get off the boat, take to the right, walk a few meters and you will find this small museum. The exhibition includes boats, motors, tools and other objects used in the past for fishing and construction of small boats. They also work with the renovation of boats using methods and tools from old times and the reason for this is keep the knowledge for future generations…


Allmogebåtar museum
Allmogebåtar museum


2. Eat Ice cream at Systrarna Degen Mat och Glasstuga.

During the hot summer, it is always good to have ice cream, right? This place Systrarna Degen Mat och Glasstuga is just a few meters away from the dock and offer different flavors of ice cream, coffee and desserts. If you plan to have a picnic later on, you can buy sandwiches and drinks to take with you.


(Image from http://www.systrarnadegen.se)
(Image from http://www.systrarnadegen.se)



3. Have fun at the playground kids.

If you follow the path, you will find a cool playground for the kids. There is a small boat house and a climbing wall where they can have a lot of fun playing as Vikings while you take a break and relax your feet. In this area you can also find toilets, in case you have a need…


Viking festival 2016
Viking festival 2016


4. Find traditional arts and crafts.

Fjäderholmarna also offers a few art exhibitions and shops. Åtta glass is a small glass studio and shop where you can find beautiful glass pieces and you can  watch when they blow glass in the workshop. Som Susan is a pop up shop where you will find nice clothes and things designed in Sweden. Anneli Ohlsson is another nice shop of textiles as clothes and home decorations.


Fjäderholmarna Arts and Crafts shop
Fjäderholmarna Arts and Crafts shop



5. Have a picnic and enjoy the view.

There is plenty of space at Fjäderholmarna which makes it perfect for a picnic. Bring your own food or buy some sandwiches and drinks at Systrarna Degen Mat och Glasstuga and find the best spot in the rocks.


Fjäderholmarna walking path
Fjäderholmarna walking path


6. Take the sun in the rocks.

This is a funny story…when we arrived to Sweden (almost summer time), we noticed that when there was good weather (even a little sun ray), parks were full of people just laying down and taking the sun (seriously, it was difficult to find a green spot or a space in the rocks). We though it was funny, because it looked like they never had seen the sun before and then we said “ok, how bad can the winter be?”. Well, after all these years we learned to enjoy those sunny days because here in Sweden they are very few… So, please, if you find a nice spot in the rocks, take it!


Fjäderholmarna view from the rocks
Fjäderholmarna view from the rocks



7. Explore the island nature.

What we like the most about this place is the calm and relaxing feeling when you walk between the trees or sit on the rocks. Take your time to really free up your mind and get in touch with nature, get inspired, enjoy the breeze or take a dip on the archipelago’s water, if you dare!


Fjäderholmarna nature
Fjäderholmarna nature


8. Eat late lunch at Röda villan.

If you didn’t go for the picnic option and you are hungry, there is still hope! This small restaurant Röda villan will fill your appetite. They offer traditional Swedish food plus you will have an amazing view of the water. If you did have the picnic, then you could have one of the delicious desserts, drink a cup of coffee or simply enjoy the view in one the deck chairs or hammocks.


Röda villan
Röda villan



9.  Small pleasure at Fjäderholmarna Choklad.

There is always time for a little treat. This place Fjäderholmarna Choklad is located just a few meters to the left of the dock. It was  opened this summer (2016) and they offer a delightful handmade chocolate, each piece is described by a year in Fjäderholmarna’s history.


Fjäderholmarna choklad
(Image from: https://www.facebook.com/fjaderholmarnachoklad)


10. Get a beer at Fjäderholmarna Bryggeri.

When you are done walking around the island (probably by the end of the day), we recommend you go to the dock and check how long the line is for the trip back to Stockholm, sometimes it can be a long wait until you can get into a boat, but don’t worry, you can still have fun while waiting. At Fjäderholmarna Bryggeri you can buy a beer, take it to the line and enjoy the view, but hurry up! because once you see the boat coming, you don’t have much time to return the glass!


Fjäderholmarna bryggeriet
(Image from: http://www.fjaderholmarnasbryggeri.se/)



There are more things to do in this little Swedish paradise but we will let you discover those by yourself and maybe tell us about it…

Hope you enjoy your day at Fjäderholmarna, Stockholm’s closest archipelago island!

If you visit Fjäderholmarna, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. September 5, 2016

    Great review! How did you happen to come across this place? It looks pretty! If I was to follow the path you laid out about how far of a walk do you think that would be? Specifically if you had kids do you think they would be pretty tired at the end of the day or fine? Thanks for your review and helpful information!

    • J&J
      September 5, 2016

      Thanks Sam! We were there some years ago when some relatives came to visit us. It is pretty nice!

      The walk is not that long since it is a small island. It is perfect for kids, they can walk, run, climb and there is plenty of space to take a break. You can actually walk around the island a couple of hours and then go back to Stockholm.

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