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Hej! Welcome to our amazing blog Lätt som en Plätt!

If you are thinking about moving to Sweden or you recently moved or you have been living here for while, then this blog is just for you! Swedes are more than welcome to share and comment too, of course!

Lätt som en plätt! or “Easy as pie!” (translated from Swedish) is a place where you will find our thoughts, our experiences, tips and fun facts about living in Sweden as an expat.

Why did we choose this name for our blog, you ask? Well, let us tell you a short story…


You have just moved to another city, maybe another country, even far more away to the other side of the ocean… to another continent!

You are here alone or maybe with your family, you are so excited, perhaps a little afraid of how your new life is going to be.

It’s time to go to the supermarket, you need some milk, so you walk towards the milk aisle. After a few minutes trying to figure out what is the one you like, you realize you have no idea which is the one you should take.

You don’t speak or understand the language, there is nobody nearby, the only option you have is to take your phone, go to google translate, write “regular milk” and try to find it. Same thing happen with the rest of the groceries… 

Ok, you did it, you bought the milk you were looking for, great!

When you arrive home (super excited because you managed go shopping in this unfamiliar place), you take a glass, pour the milk inside and take a sip. Suddenly, you stop drinking… this was not the taste you were expecting…this was not the milk you wanted!!!


This is most probably what happened to some of you, perhaps not with milk, but with other food.

When we arrived to Sweden some years ago we felt totally lost! We didn’t speak the language (even though, most of the people speaks English), it was not always easy to find what we needed or wanted, still some things are kind of difficult to find.

This is the reason we started this blog, to help other people who will move or have recently moved to Sweden by sharing tips and information to have an easy start of their new life.

Some situations in life should be piece of cake, easy peasy, easy as pie or as Swedes say Lätt som en plätt!

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