Hötorgsterrassen – A hidden garden in the heart of Stockholm



Enjoy street food, music, art and culture in this beautiful urban park in the middle of Stockholm. Hötorgsterrassen is a roof garden hidden between two of the five high towers known as Hötorgsskraporna (scrapers) in the city center. The original plan for these buildings was to connect shops and malls through pedestrian bridges below and around them but these were closed to the public since the 70’s due to vandalism and other social problems. Fortunately for all of us, it was opened again in the summer of 2015 and it has been gradually regaining its original purpose.



How did we find it?

We discovered this garden during the summer last year. It was a very warm day and we were trying to find a nice place to have lunch, when suddenly J looked up and saw a Colombian flag in a roof  (or that was what we thought…) and we decided to find out what it was.

After walking around a little bit, we found the entrance through some colorful and nice stairs. We went up  to look for the flag (which by the way, it was not a Colombian flag but maybe was from Ecuador or Venezuela, which have the same colors but with something else in the middle). Anyway, we bought some churrasco sandwiches and cold beers, took some beach chairs and enjoyed an afternoon of sun, salsa music and good food.


Way to Hötorgsterrassen
Way to Hötorgsterrassen


Where is it located?

When you get off at Hötorget or T-centralen metro station, look for the Hötorget square (where the Stockholms Konserthus is). You can access the roof through the stairs at Sveavägen 17 or Mäster Samuelsgatan 40/42 and there is also an elevator at Sveavägen 13.




In Hötorgsterrassen you will have a lot of fun…

These are some of the things you can do there:

Tastes delicious street food from Latin America and other parts of the world in one of the food trucks. You can find churrasco from Chile, tacos and coffee from South Africa, spicy chicken from the Middle East and much more.


Food trucks at Hötorgsterrassen
Food trucks at Hötorgsterrassen


Play Boule, a very common game in Sweden, even though it is originally from France. The objective of the game is to throw or roll heavy balls (called boules) as close as possible to a small target ball. If you are very competitive, we suggest you bring something to measure the distance between the balls, sometimes it is difficult to see which is the closest one… just kidding (but have seen it)!!



Get fit! Attend a Yoga class, a functional training session or just dance for fun! During some weekends, you can even join a Zumba marathon and practice your salsa moves!


Visit art exhibitions, paintings, sculptures, photography and crafts from local artists that you can buy at an affordable price.


Art exhibition at Hötorgsterrassen
Art exhibition at Hötorgsterrassen


And of course, the fun wouldn’t be complete without music and party. At Hötorgsterrassen, there are plenty of festivals, pop-up markets and concerts where you can enjoy a night full of culture, music, friends and laughs.


Art exhibition at Hötorgsterrassen
Art exhibition at Hötorgsterrassen


These are some of the things you can do there, just check out their Facebook page to check for coming events. Hötorgsterrassen is open everyday from May to September until the weather allows it.

Only a few weeks left this year, so better hurry up or you will miss this hidden terrace in the middle of the city!

If you visit Hötorgsterrassen, we’d love to hear from you!

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