Looking for an American store in Stockholm?

We found one! A cozy and colorful little store in the city center where you can lose your mind for a couple of minutes with all the candies and food you find there.

The offer of american products in Swedish supermarkets is not much and to be honest, the candy area isn’t that exciting either. So, we are always happy to find places where to get nice treats.


Candies, candies, candies
Candies, candies, candies


In the hunt for Froot Loops

We love Froot Loops and have been looking for then since a long time ago. We used to find them at some of the ICA supermarkets but they don’t sell it any more.

We also found them in Amazon UK but the transport was more expensive than the package itself, so it wasn’t really a good buy.

Of course, when we saw the box in the store window, we were so happy and decided to check it out.


Froot Loops
Froot Loops


Little candy paradise

The place is small but it is really nice. It is full of american treats, like cheetos, Oreo cookies (with several fillings), M&M’s, popcorn & popcorn toppings, gold fish crackers,  pop-tarts, several drinks, seasonings, peanut butter, jell-o and much more!

You can also find curious gifts with different designs such as Marvel Heros, Star Wars, Snoopy, Muppets and some others.


Gifts, gifts, gifts
Gifts, gifts, gifts


Also, the person who attended us was very friendly and open to answer any question we had. It was a little candy paradise with great customer service!

This is their Facebook page:

The American Food & Gift Store according to Charles

These are some other places where you can get american products in Sweden:



If you know of any other place to get american products, please share it with us!

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    • J&J
      June 5, 2019

      Hi Tim, the address is Sveavägen 106, 113 50 Stockholm.

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